LONDECK Exterior PVC Walking Surface Membrane by Lonseal

The LONDECK membrane is a Full 80 mil. Thick and carries a Full 15 year warrantee from Lonseal Inc. Most other membranes in the market place are only 60 mil. Thickness and carry a 10 year warrantee. SUN SURFACE SYSTEM warrantees it’s installation for a Full 5 years.Londeck technical information 1

Londeck technical information 2


We use custom flashing for posts and wall covering such as stone and hardy board. This allows the membrane after it’s 15 year life to be replaced with out removal of post and wall coverings. To maintain waterproof integrity the flashing or PVC membrane must be 4” above the deck surface. LONDECK in the only product that has a means to attach to the metal flashing and not be required to be run up posts or intersecting walls. Pictured below are solid copper soldered flashing examples.