Curriculum Vitae

Ken Temple—3440 South River Terrace, Edgewater, MD 21037


Resident of Prince Georges County 1949 to 1992. Resident of Anne Arundel County 1992 to present.

Education and Specialized Courses:

Northwestern High School – Hyattsville, MD Graduated 1963

Maryland Park and Planning Courses 1986

Maryland State Health Department Training 1989

Prince Georges Community College - 1985

Storm Water Management

Sediment Control Systems

Building and Construction Certifications:

Maryland Home Improvement Contractor - 1976 to present

Maryland Registered Single Family Home Builder, Prince Georges & Montgomery Counties- 1978 to 1992

Maryland Registered Septic System Contractor - 1980 to 1988

Maryland Master Electrician LTD- 1978 to 1984

Maryland Recreational Area Certified Designer – commencing 1986

Maryland Food Handling/Kitchen Designer – commencing 1989

Maryland Certified Storm Water Management – commencing 1985

Maryland Certified Sediment Control Management – commencing 1985

Construction Experience: Builder of speculation and custom new single family homes. Projects included site development, house design, road and utility construction, financing, sales, code application and compliance, and energy efficiency. Builder/owner of speculation multi-family townhouse project of 130 units. Project included site development, roads, playgrounds, sidewalks, storm water and stream protection, community design, house design, road and utility construction, financing, sales, code application and compliance, energy efficiency and reduced noise transmission designs. Home Improvement contractor with annual volumes in the 2.5 to 4.0 million dollar range. Projects included restoration of historical residences, additions, kitchens, bathroom renovations, roofing, siding and waterproofing solutions. Commercial renovation and new construction including churches, shopping centers, restaurants, night clubs, professional offices, factories, day spas, and ADA compliant re-construction. Designer and installations of Sun Surface System. Waterproof walking surfaces for deck areas used on convention centers, residences, hotels, swimming pools, condo projects and other exterior walking decks.